Polyweld Truck Media Doors

Media Doors

Featuring the latest European styling is now available in Australia. The made to measure Media Door can be fitted to any size vehicle and offers a host of features. Its smooth finish is easy to clean inside and out and the fully concealed locking gear of the Media Door creates a sleek finish. Flanged cam bases assist in preventing racking. They are flush with the face of the door, enhancing the appearance. Hinges are robust and easy to keep clean, adding to the street appeal of your vehicle. The highly effective seal prevents grime, dust and water from entering. The seal is sandwiched between the door and frame helping to eliminate racking. The Media Door gives you an extra 40mm of floor space as it’s located outside the rear frame of the body. The Media Door allows total, uninterrupted coverage of your branding, phone numbers, or websites. It provides a great branding opportunity at little extra cost.

Polyweld Truck Media Doors

Made to measure

Polyweld Truck Media Doors linfox

European styling

Polyweld Truck Media Doors white

Flush face, sleek finish

Flanged cam bases

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