Polyweld Water Tanks

Polyweld Tanks are the best value large water storage tank providing a durable solution for your needs. All components have been made to Australian and international standards with hot dipped and galvanized components to prevent corrosion. Available in a number of configuration options including corrosion resistant Colorbond steel roof and walls, leak resistant liner and Tenacitex hoops (which are 8 times stronger than steel to hold the water pressure).


25 year extended warranty


Steelwork is separated from water to prevent corrosion


Easy to construct bolt together frame


AS 4020 drinking water test certificate by AWQC


Finite element analysis engineering certificate


Easily transported in a pick-up truck, ute or car trailer

Polyweld Tanks Cont..

Polyweld tanks can be ordered in a number of sizes from 4.5m (30,000 litres) to 12m  (248,000 litres) diameters.  Visit the Polyweld Tank site to purchase and see the various options that will suit your needs.

Polyweld Water Tanks Rural
Visit the Polyweld Tanks website for more information and to purchase online