Polyweld Projects

Polyweld endeavours to strive for manufacturing excellence and product innovation.  Polyweld has assembled a talented projects team who are constantly thinking up of ideas to improve how and why we do things.

A number of project initiatives have been undertaken which are both exciting and cutting edge in terms of scope and technical requirements.

New Projects

Upcoming projects worked on by Polyweld.

Person working on projects on a whiteboard

Maker spaces

Polyweld supports local community not-for-profit organizations such as maker spaces.  Offcuts that are normally binned to eventually end up as landfill are donated to local maker spaces.

Wheat field part of polyweld projects


Conservasphere is an innovative (first of its kind), polygenerational  greenhouse system that will generate water, power, grow plants and produce renewable fuel.

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HVAC TES is a thermal energy storage system that can fully replace fossil fuels to provide heating and cooling in industrial and commercial settings.

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Tree canopy part of environment projects


Polyweld has been chosen to undertake a project with Biopower for a biogas scheme for containment vessels and covers for its renewable energy gas project

Truck Side Curtains

Polyweld have a variety of different truck side curtains available. See some of these curtains below.